Horizon invests constantly in people, infrastructure and information technology in order to offer innovative freight forwarding services and supply chain management solutions for existing and new clients. As well as reinvestment, we believe that constant evaluation and adaptability are critical factors for delivering success to our customers, whose own business environments constantly continue to change.

Our biggest asset is our staff

Across our entire infrastructure, quality and a passion to deliver the highest levels of consistent customer service underpin our culture. As product lead times diminish and product visibility is increasingly required to manage global inventory levels, Horizon has the resources, systems and commitment to ensure that shipment security and traceability is absolute and no customer’s business is ever compromised.

Understanding our customers and their business requirements is critical to our philosophy and enables us to work closely with them to become a seamless extension to their own enterprises. As customers focus more investment in R&D, technology, manufacturing and sales optimisation, Horizon is there to act as the logistics arm of their operations.

Reinvesting in our future enables us to consistently position ourselves as international freight forwarders at the leading edge of our industry and continually develop new solutions that support the growth of our customers and consequently the customers that rely on them.