In the 21st century, the traditional publisher’s supply chain has become an extended global activity with print being sourced from across the world with unpredictable product demand and global distribution, this can be challenging to manage. We help publishers take control of the supply chain, the costs – and of the books themselves with tailored solutions that lead to tangible results.
Logistics for publishing

We offer a comprehensive set of services to meet the demands of the publishing sector, whether it’s the delivery of an individual advance copy or shipment of full container loads from overseas print facilities. From freight consolidation to pick and pack, from cross-dock operations to inventory management, we provide industry best practice supply chain solutions that delivery added value every step of the way.

Our team of global publishing-focused solutions specialists ensures that our services are tailored to the unique need of the publishing sector. Horizon’s enterprise supply chain system, HiCloud, ensures that our customers always know exactly what they are getting, where, and how fast they can get their books to market at ISBN level. Utilizing the very best global carriers, our specialists ensure that our service levels fully support the demands of the publisher at every stage of the supply chain. This investment in technology and service enables us to deliver efficient logistics solutions that drive improved customer service levels across your organisation.

Services incorporated within this sector

  • P.O. visibility
  • Print Vendor Management
  • End-to-End ISBN visibility
  • Inventory Management
  • Simplified administration and control