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Logistics at the speed of light!  Surely a claim that can’t be substantiated, but that is what Horizon can not only claim but also offer!

Obviously we’re not talking about transporting you goods from A to B in the blink of an eye, that transporter technology is still science fiction rather than science fact. What we are elaborating to is the continued expansion of our global fibre optic network. Read more »

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The Olympics Games are almost upon us and our sports men and women will be facing the challenge of their lives.

With Transport for London predicting that on the busiest day of the games London will see up to 3 Million additional journeys, we know that you may be concerned about the challenges that your business will also be facing. Read more »

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At the start of February 2012, Horizon International Cargo Limited’s Heathrow Office published its SLA Reporting for a nationwide pick pack customer.  The requirement of the business was a 7 day a week, 24 hour service with a 6 hour delivery SLA from the time the booking was made.

Horizon was pleased to report back a 100% record of on-time deliveries on the report, which included deliveries from Somerset, through to Lanarkshire and into Northern Ireland.

Additional information was required by the customer to identify the “busy periods” and “trouble hot-spots”, which of their customers were requiring extra parts and which parts were being replaced the most.  Horizon was able to meet the requirements allowing for the customer to proceed with their internal checks and planning. Read more »

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Quality in any Language

In an ever shrinking world, international freight forwarding and global logistics help to cross boundaries and bring people, organisations and industries, together.  Within Horizon International Cargo’s industry of global supply chain solutions, knowledge and understanding of different global cultures and their languages are key to building and maintaining successful partnerships. Read more »