Whether shipping by air, sea, road or rail, customer service and service flexibility are essential. Horizon Solutions brings together the experience, the capabilities, the resources and financial stability of a leading global freight forwarder and logistics provider, coupled with personalized service and a focus on delivering bottom line savings.

Cost-effective, on-time delivery of your shipments is critical to supply chain optimization. Because transportation design is inseparable from your organization’s business model, Horizon performs detailed analysis of your current shipping data then conducts interdepartmental interviews and business process analysis. Using this in-depth information, we determine the best mode and method of transportation to achieve success, from cost savings to improved delivery.

Horizon offers a full suite of transportation management capabilities including:

  • Freight Forwarding & Transportation:

We provide the management of multi-modal, international and domestic transportation, including rate and service negotiation and contract management.

  • Shipment planning and execution:

We manage the shipment process by building orders into loads, selecting routes and carriers, providing status, tracking goods in-transit with delivery confirmation, and management reporting.

  • Mode Optimization:

We determine the most cost-effective modes of transportation based on historical data and/or real-time data, taking into consideration volume, tariffs, and delivery constraints.

  • Global Trade Services:

Horizon provides services associated with facilitating the exit, movement and entry of goods between countries in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • Supply Chain System – hiCloud:

We manage a suite of software tools to plan, procure, execute and monitor all transportation events in a logistics network.
Import/Export Assessment

Global trade is big business and it’s fraught with risk. Horizon can help you make sense of the import/export business, simplifying the complexities, ensuring compliance and reducing costs.

Freight Optimisation

We assess the following areas:

  • Proper classification of Harmonized Tariff Codes


  • International duties


  • INCO terms


  • C-TPAT programs


  • Cost reduction opportunities


  • Customs brokerage and compliance