The hiCloud Supply module brings all of the system functionality together. The module is designed to offer a full supply chain system solution from purchase order submission, through to final delivery, wherever in the world.

The key benefit is to provide complete end-to-end visibility at all key stages within the supply chain. This is supported by exceptions reporting through dashboard for speed and ease of use, aided by comprehensive reporting tools.

By linking orders, manufacturing flows, demand cycles and the physical product movement, each section within the supply chain can be measured and monitored, allowing you to better anticipate possible road blocks and respond faster to opportunities.

It also offers full data integration across multiple platforms, delivering total visibility of inventory in motion and the ability to allocate that inventory to the most appropriate channel and in the most cost-effective way.

With hiCloud Supply, orders are centralised, making it easy to receive and view all supplier orders (hiCloud even organises orders from multiple ERP systems into one easy-to-read view.)  This gives you inbound visibility from the moment an order is issued to a supplier all the way down to the moment it is received at end delivery point, together with all of the many checkpoints in-between.

hiCloud PO Management increases the efficiency and agility of supply chains by improving on-time delivery and better aligning supply to the latest demand patterns. It makes major initiatives such as DC bypass and cross-docking significantly easier to execute, pulling real-time factory transaction data to offer visibility into detailed in-production status. Suppliers are supported with a solution that meets increasingly complex packing and labelling requirements and creates a competitive advantage though centralised control in the hiCloud.

In today’s world of commerce, speed to market is an ever increasing competitive advantage. hiCloud Supply links the entire supply chain so that you have visibility throughout that process, enabling you to manage a complex, multi-channel supply chain with complete confidence.

Imagine an environment where you had total control and visibility over your products and supply chain partners. hiCloud makes that world possible.

Key functionality includes;-

  • PO Management
  • Exception Reporting
  • Milestone Management
  • Management Reporting