Our values


As a leading freight forwarding and logistics provider, we are not only committed to best-in-class service, but also to ensuring the environmental impact of global trade is kept to a minimum. Through practices such as publishing Co2 emissions in accordance with EU regulations, exceeding vehicle emission minimum standards and load optimization, we aim to reduce both our own carbon footprint and that of our customers.

In 2010 we made the decision to change from our standard single-screen desktop PCs to Thin Client dual-screen terminals.   As well as offering security and IT benefits, this move allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint by 4.36 tonnes and decrease electricity consumption on our staff’s terminals by 51% and paper/printing by c. 60%.

Our initiatives include

  • Freight planning: Through maximization of container and vehicle loads and working with customers to optimise our fleet planning
  • Fuel economy: Through route planning, minimising mileage and operating a modern fleet of vehicles subjected to constant vehicle checks and maintenance for top fuel efficiency performance
  • Facility utilisation: Through exploring heating use and implementing best practice to minimize carbon emissions that our facilities generate.
  • Green IT: Through digitally storing data and switching from traditional standard single-screen desktop PCs to Thin Client dual-screen terminals.