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Coronavirus Update

As many of you will already know China’s State Council announced earlier this week that the Lunar New Year / Spring Festival holiday will be extended to February 2 across the country; the holiday week was originally from January 24 to January 30.

Meanwhile, local governments have been taking the lead in the respective provinces and cities.

Shanghai has announced that all enterprises will remain closed till February 9. Similarly, Zhejiang Province announced it is delaying return to work and school to February 9.

Guangdong Province announced on January 28 that it will delay resumption of work and school to after February 9. Chongqing also announced that non-essential enterprises in the administrative area will remain closed till February 9.

On January 29, the provinces of Jiangsu and Yunnan announced that non-essential enterprises must delay work to February 9.

It is presently anticipated that Hong Kong operations will resume on the 2nd February.

The move to extend the New Year break has been expected as government and healthcare authorities double down on efforts to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak by restricting public movement and large gatherings

We do anticipate that there will be some disruption to Shipping schedules immediately after the return to work which could impact both Air and Ocean capacity.   As such we are in communication with both shipping lines and Chinese ports as well as Sea Air Logistics (our sister company) in mainland China and will update you when we have more information.

If you should have any questions, please contact your local Horizon office or send an enquiry via our website.