Horizon International Barcelona Supporting Fight Against Coronavirus Spread

Spain has been one of the worst affected countries by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Spanish Government ordered a lockdown several weeks ago to slow the spread of the virus, in a similar move to many other countries.

To support efforts in reducing the risk of contagion, Spanish health authorities have ordered significant stocks of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to help protect health workers on the front line.

Healthcare workers in Spain account for more than 13% of the country’s Covid-19 cases. Therefore the government are taking steps to safeguard these key workers.

Horizon International, with our own office in Spain are supporting this initiative.

Working in tandem with our Chinese offices, our Barcelona team have chartered 2 Boeing 777 Freighter aircraft to transport 1000 cubic metres of PPE equipment – including 2,000,000 masks and 220,000 overalls, from Chinese suppliers.

On arrival, our team managed the customs clearance and distribution to the Spanish health authorities for delivery on to hospitals and clinics treating Coronavirus sufferers.

This initiative required a great deal of detailed planning by both our Spanish and Chinese teams – and we are pleased to have played a part in fighting this pandemic.