Los Angeles and Long Beach Port Gate Fees to Rise 4.2% from August 1st

Terminal operators will increase the traffic mitigation fee (TMF) used to fund night and weekend gates at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex by 4.2 percent starting August 1st 2020.

The TMF, which is adjusted each year based on the West Coast longshore contract, will increase to $33.47 per TEU and $66.94 per FEU on all non-exempt containers, the West Coast Marine Terminal Operators Agreement (WCMTOA) announced on June 30th.

Exempt containers include empties, laden containers that transit the Alameda Corridor, and containers that are transshipped. Empty chassis and bobtail trucks are also exempt, WCMTOA said in a statement.



The implemenation of the TMF (Originally Pier Pass) is now in its 15th year having started in 2005 and is considered a local success having helped the local communities around the port complex by extending gate operating hours thus reducing day time truck traffic resulting in less congestion and pollution. The TMF generated $232 million in 2019 helping to offset the additional cost ($262 Million) of operating the extended gate hours.