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Port of Montreal Strike

The dockworkers’ union CUPE Local 375 have sent notice of an unlimited general strike effective Monday 26th April 2021 to the Maritime Employers Association (MEA).  A strike action that  will seriously and tangibly impact the local population and SMEs due to a total shutdown of port operations for an indefinite period of time. This is in addition to a partial strike action that started on Friday April 23rd 2021.

The unlimited general strike starting Monday will result in the indefinite shutdown of a public infrastructure that serves millions of Quebecers and Canadians. The MPA handles $275 million worth of goods every day, ranging from agri-food products, pharmaceuticals and construction equipment to flagship products exported by local Canadian companies along with cargo originating from US Border states.. A recent study found that a disruption of port activities incurs a loss of $10 million to $25 million per day for the economy. Please note that the uncertainty related to this labour dispute, which has been going on for months, has already taken a real toll. Notably, shipping lines have been rerouting certain vessels to alternative ports.

Disruption of several port services
The notice filed on Friday morning calls for a general strike of unlimited duration by dockworkers effective Monday, April 26, resulting in the total cessation of cargo handling and docking services normally provided by dockworkers in the Port of Montreal’s terminals. Note that since a partial strike was already underway, there was no service during the weekend prior to the unlimited general strike.

Horizon International is continuing to monitor this situation with our Canadian partners and US offices. We will be re-routing containers where possible to Halifax and US East coast ports to help avoid delays caused by the Montreal dispute.

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