Preparing Supply Chains for Brexit


Over recent months, Horizon International have been working with a number of customers providing support in preparing supply chain contingency options for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU at the end of March 2019.

Whilst the final details of customs border and duty implications are yet to be agreed and subject to changes over the coming weeks as the deadline approaches, it seems increasingly possible there will be changes in the processes required for managing the movement of goods between the UK and EU.

Should a “No-Deal” Brexit happen, it is widely expected to result in disruption to both import and export supply chains between the UK and EU. Such disruption will focus primarily on the Port of Dover – being the main entry and exit point for EU cross-border consignments.

There are reports that companies are considering stockpiling goods in preparation, to avoid running short of vital parts, medicines and food.

preparing supply chain

With this in mind, the government recently published a Partnership Pack to assist UK importers and exporters.

This pack includes information from, and directs people to, 5 online guides, which provide information on the steps UK businesses trading with EU need to take now in order to plan for a no deal scenario:

  • Guide 1 – Get a UK EORI number to trade within the EU
  • Guide 2 – Exporting and importing goods if the UK leaves the EU with no deal
  • Guide 3 – Declaring your goods at customs if the UK leaves the EU with no deal
  • Guide 4 – Customs procedures if the UK leaves the EU with no deal
  • Guide 5 – Moving goods to and from the EU through roll on roll off locations including Eurotunnel.

Again, whilst final details are yet to be confirmed, Horizon International are prepared for all outcomes. Our strategically placed Aylesford, Kent facility is located off the M20 motorway, close to Dover. Our experienced teams are able to manage customs clearances at all UK ports of entry and has the resources and capability to support those clients who trade with Europe.

preparing supply chain
Horizon International’s Aylesford Fulfilment and Oceanfreight hub


Additionally we have offices in Spain, The Netherlands and Ireland where further support can be facilitated.

Horizon International have been approached by a number of media organisations including BBC News, ITN, Channel 5, LBC and The Financial Times to provide our expert view on how to best prepare for the impact of Brexit.
Horizon International Featured on BBC News

Should you wish to discuss your concerns and preparing supply chain options for Brexit with Horizon International, please contact us or click on the following “Contact Us” button.

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