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We offer a range of consolidated air freight products between our global network offices.   Having focused on building our market share between the “triangle” of Europe, USA and Far East over 3 decades, we have generated the “critical mass” necessary to offer our clients the benefits associated with consolidated air freight services.

Consolidated services provide clients with a cost-effective method of transportation, taking advantage of reduced rates, protected capacity and reliable schedules – enabling them to accurately plan their supply chains.

Horizon operates scheduled consolidation services between our network offices.

Individual consignments are assembled together at our origin warehouses and built onto aircraft units.   Our teams are directly accountable to you and take extra care to ensure that consolidated air freight consignments are handled safely and loaded securely, to avoid the risk of damage or loss.   As aviation-security-approved freight forwarders, we are able to deliver intact aircraft units (ULDs) to our airline partners, without the need for further screening.

We have negotiated protected allocations with major airlines, reducing the risk of delay/offload to an absolute minimum.

ULDs remain intact until received into Horizon’s destination warehouses, where individual consignments are unloaded and checked in prior to final delivery.

The Benefits of Consolidations

  • Economical pricing
  • Protected space – reduced risk of delay
  • Reduced risk of damage or loss
  • Clear and reliable schedules


  • Online tracking
  • Reduced risk of storage fees
  • Optimised costs
  • Tried & Tested
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