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Do you have urgent spare parts, documents, life-saving drugs or other time-critical shipments, requiring sameday delivery?  We have the solution. Your shipments will be loaded onto the next available flight. Through our global network of offices and partners, we will ensure that our receiving station are prepared and primed to manage customs clearance and immediate final-mile delivery.

Expedited handling for your most urgent deliveries

When time is short, value is important and overnight delivery isn’t viable, you need a same-day air delivery service. When failure isn’t an option, you need Horizon International

You can rely on Horizon International to collect your urgent package and get it moving immediately, any day of the year – including weekends and holidays. We’ll charter aircraft if necessary. For packages that cannot be left unattended, we will provide a trained on-board courier to ensure your package is monitored at all times from pick-up until delivery.

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We have remained at the forefront of mission-critical expedited transportation, working with many of the world’s largest consumer technology, aerospace and pharmaceutical organisations. We’re prepared for any contingency.

Advanced systems and services

Our same day air customers benefit from our enterprise tracking system, hiCloud Ship, coupled with our online ordering module, hiCloud Spare – both providing real-time visibility of delivery progress, proactive notification and custom reporting.

Industry-specific expertise

We work closely with leading companies in aerospace, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, manufacturing, ecommerce and more. With Horizon you’re getting a same day courier that’s familiar with the needs and circumstances of your particular industry.


Quality in Motion

As Horizon International we promise to take care of your supply chain
management, to make your products travel safe, fast and on time.

Unlock the potential of your business and let Horizon bring visibility and control
to your supply chain!
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