The Client – A leading provider of corporate branded goods to Global Multinational organizations.

Customer Challenge:

The client supplies corporate branded merchandise to motor racing teams, competing in a global championship.

Merchandise is required by pop-up concession stores at each race circuit and must be delivered in advance of the race weekend, lasting just 4 days.

Timeframes are tight and must be met.

Unsold merchandise must be packed and retrieved back into stock following the end of the race weekend.

‘The challenge was to resources and design the capability to Pick, Pack and ship a broad range of products in large volume within a very tight time frame and manage the reverse logistics program.’

As a new sporting event with a significant global interest, the ability to perform the tasks and deliver on time was essential.

Our Solution:

  • Horizon provided storage, inventory management, order processing, pick/pack and dispatch services – operating within tight timeframes to achieve on-time delivery every time.
  • Orders are delivered directly to pop-up concession stores at race circuits across the globe.
  • We provided online access to our Warehouse Management System, hiCloud Store, giving visibility of inventory on hand and at the event.
  • Devised a Returns management process to ensure quick and accurate receipt of returned merchandise back into inventory – ensuring fast stock availability.
  • Horizon provided a range of service options, offering varying transit times and pricing – thereby enabling the client to choose the most appropriate price/service combination to meet their requirements.

Customer Benefit: 

  • The customer facilitated 100% on site marketing support to its customers and the event management organizers.
  • The customers was quickly able to extend the number of customers it supported on site at each event.
  • hiCloud provides the customer with visibility and location of stock to minimize over-ordering and over-stocking.

Supporting the solution design was Horizon International’s Supply Chain team.  Horizon’s solutions combine a process-driven approach with operational resources that deliver, so you can free up cashflow, save money, focus on core business activities and importantly, have peace of mind.