Benefits to Outsourcing Ecommerce Warehouse Fulfillment

Horizon International provides a wide range of facilities, warehouse-management systems and fulfilment solutions to meet the requirements of your Ecommerce supply chain. Warehousing and fulfillment is a thriving industry partially because more businesses recognize the potential cost-savings. But why choose us?

Our international warehouse centres throughout Europe, the US and the Far East are all supported by state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). This is used to minimise risk, improve forecasting, reduce costs and increase visibility to create a supply chain that works for you.

hiCloud (our warehouse fulfilment software) can integrate directly with your ERP or eCommerce web cart, transmitting orders straight to our warehouse fulfilment centre within minutes of payment.

What makes us the right Ecommerce Warehouse Fulfillment solution for you:

The benefits provided thus far are savings on shipping, faster delivery times, lowering operation costs and only pay for what you use.

When you run your own warehouse operation, every expense is yours. When you use a third party, many expenses become shared among all the customers using the facility – including labor, rent, equipment, utilities and other overhead. Plus, you save yourself from the responsibility of hiring, training and managing warehouse employees.

Our Warehouse Management Systems integrate with all major Ecommerce Platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento or BigCommerce. We also provide Amazon Logistics FBA preparation services and integrate with other marketplaces such as Ebay.

With office locations around the globe, contact us to launch your state of the art ecommerece warehouse fulfillment service.