Barisieur – a british success story

Horizon International are pleased and proud to have worked closely with Josh Renouf, founder & designer of the amazing Barisieur from his initial Kickstarter product launch to over 2,000 global backers through to his evolution into an eCommerce and Retail business.

Customer Challenge:

Josh initially decided to launch the Barisieur on Kickstarter, after global news outlets such as CNN and Fox News reached out to him. His aim was to achieve an investment target of £360,000.

A week before the end of the crowd-funding campaign, Virgin StartUp got in touch and arranged a meeting between Josh and Richard Branson. The success of this meeting helped lead to Kickstarter making the Barisieur ‘project of the day’.

‘Josh moved the campaign over to Indiegogo Demand and continued to raise money and pre-orders which ended up approaching $1,000,000.’

Barisieur went into production before Christmas 2017. The product was delivered to the backers in April 2018.


Our Solution:

  • Horizon, in conjunction with our sister company – Sea Air Logistics, managed the movement of finished product from factory China through to final mile delivery in market – “from creation to customer”.
  • This included inventory management in our UK, US and Hong Kong warehouses, international shipping by air & ocean, customs formalities, order fulfilment and final mile delivery to global end customers.

Customer Benefit: 

  • The product is proving to be extremely popular and now features in such places as Ace Hotel and the Four Seasons hotel chain.
  • Barisieur can also boast some high profile owners, such as David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff.

Horizon looks forward to continuing this exciting journey with Josh, as his brand continues to grow!

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