what is PICK AND PACK?

Pick and pack is a type of order fulfillment used most often by eCommerce retailers that receive small orders that are shipped internationally. This process gives pick and pack workers easy access to items and, when organised correctly, saves handling time. Pick and pack also limits freight charges and other costs.

Picking and packing is a vital element of e-commerce order fulfilment services that intends to enhance the shipping and delivery of a product.

Companies of all sizes rely on logistics and order processing to get their goods to consumers. Warehouses are especially valuable in this respect. Those warehouses with fulfillment centers ship goods directly to consumers without the need for sending freight to retail stores. This process, commonly known as “pick, pack, and ship,” is invaluable for e-commerce retailers. Online shoppers typically expect the goods to arrive on time within 48 to 72 hours.

Picking and packing requires a high level of organisation, attention to detail, speed and precision, so it is essential to ensure that whoever is fulfilling the order handles the goods responsibly during the process. The customers’ order should always be picked accurately and packed in a neat arrangement as this will bring about a good or bad impression of your business.

Types of orderPicking and Packing Methods in a Warehouse

Single Order Picking

The most common type of picking is single order picking. The picker is provided one order at a time and then goes to the warehouse to find each item on the list before completing the order. This is not the most efficient method. Warehouse management systems (WMS) can help solve this problem and increase productivity.

Batch Picking

In this case, workers can pick multiple orders at a time, with both manual and automated picking. The manual picking environment works by allowing the picker to pick SKUs required for multiple orders at a time. This minimises the travel time. With automated picking, the worker remains in one location while horizontal and vertical carousels deliver the required SKUs to the worker.

Multi-Batch Order Picking

This is the ideal pick and pack solution for cases when multiple smaller orders need to be distributed. These orders are more effective for workers that travel long distances within a warehouse. Multi-batch picking is used for orders coming from different areas in the warehouse, and thus reduces the order pick times by collecting numerous orders simultaneously. This process also reduces the time needed to process multiple SKUs.

Zone Picking

This method divides the warehouse into several zones and assigns workers to only work within a specific zone. Each zone can use its own type of technology and storage system, depending on what would work best for the SKUs stored in that zone, and the storage technology used in that zone. Orders can be picked in the past from zone to zone, or delivered to a specific point before shipping

Pick and Pass

This strategy involves passing orders from one zone to another for fulfillment. If an order originates in zone A, a worker adds all the SKUs required from that zone before it passes onto zone B. This is repeated until all the items can be taken to shipping.

Order Consolidation

This method is an alternative to pick and pack. Each zone selects the SKUs required for the order simultaneously. When one zone’s partial order is complete, it is sent to consolidation until the SKUs from the other zones arrive. When all the SKUs are together, the partial orders are matched up into one large order. This order is then sent to shipping.

Advanced Systems Picking

In this system, totes for individual orders travel from zone to zone where they are delivered into picking stations were a worker is picking from carousels. These batch stations use specific systems to direct the correct quantity to each tote. During this process, the bulk components of orders can be picked by workers on forklifts who are doing one order at a time or batch picking. All these components are brought together in consolidation.

Horizon’s pick and pack services are designed to meet customer expectations and match eCommerce fulfilment demand on a global and multi-channel fulfilment level.

 Our pick and pack services helps to remove the stresses and pressures on your eCommerce platform, giving you more time to focus on business. B2B and B2C order fulfilment.

  • By choosing our Warehouse Fulfillment service, we can lower your current shipping costs, reduce your operating costs and extend your reach to go global.
  • Our fulfilment services help retailers offer delivery and pickup options to meet the evolving demands and keep customers satisfied.
  • Many e-commerce retailers face the need of outsourcing elements of their operations, such as the physical packing, order processing, warehouse fulfilment, storage and import & export services.

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