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Ocean Freight Containers

A Full Container Load (FCL) is a standard (20 or 40 ft length) container, depending on the country of origin.  FCL means the loading reaches its allowable maximum weight or full measurement. In practice, FCL in sea freight does not always mean that container shipping companies will pack a container to its full payload or full capacity. Сontainer loading is a difficult procedure and during the loading it is necessary to take great care in order to avoid cargo damage.

Less than Container Load (LCL) is a shipment that is not large enough to fill a standard cargo container.

Below you will find a table containing specifications and sizes for various different Ocean Freight Containers.


Length 19’4″ / 5.90m
Width 7’8″ / 2.35m
Height 7’10″ / 2.4m
Door Width 7’8″ / 2.342m
Door Height 7’6″ / 2.28m
Capacity 1,172Cuft/33.2CBM
Tare Wt 4,916lbs/2,230Kg
Max. Wt. 47,900lbs/21,770Kg



Length 39’5″ / 12.036m
Width 7’8″ / 2.35m
Height 7’10″ / 2.392m
Door Width 7’8″ / 2.342m
Door Height 7’6″ / 2.28m
Capacity 2,390Cuft/67.7CBM
Tare Wt 8,160lbs/3,700Kg
Max. Wt. 59,040lbs/26,780Kg


Length 39’7″ / 12.08m
Width 7’8″ / 2.35m
Height 8’10″ / 2.7m
Door Width 7’8″ / 2.342m
Door Height 8’6″ / 2.59m
Capacity 2,705Cuft/76.6CBM
Tare Wt 8,840lbs/4,010Kg
Max. Wt. 62,810lbs/28,490Kg


Length 39’7″ / 12.08m
Width 6’10″ / 2.12m
Height 6’5″ / 2.04m
Door Width 7’6″ / 2.288m
Door Height 7’2″ / 2.18m
Capacity 2,120Cuft/60CBM
Tare Wt 12,081lbs/5,800Kg
Max. Wt. 85,800lbs/39,000Kg