eCommerece Fulfillment & Warehouse

Since its inception in 1991, Horizon International Cargo Limited has been involved in some fantastic projects, delivering cost-savings and improvements in efficiency to a multitude of different customers. Here you will find some examples of actual work we have carried out and the results we have delivered. Our eCommerce Fulfilment solutions, powered by cutting-edge technology, connect the fulfilment, delivery and returns process directly to your web cart. Horizon International also provides a wide range of facilities, warehouse-management systems and fulfilment solutions to meet the requirements of your Ecommerce supply chain.

Below, find a collection of case studies where we examine the benefits of outsourcing ecommerce warehouse fulfillment, the fulfillment process and ecommerce after Covid-19. Our team are always examining the ecommerce fulfilment and warehouse sector so we can adapt and provide the best possible service for our customers.


Fulfilment warehouse, Aylesford UK

  • Located in proximity to UK’s three major ocean ports, Felixstowe, London Gateway & Southampton.
  • 78,000 square feet / + 6,000 pallet bays
  • Small pick bays
  • Cross-dock faciliity
  • Ocean Container Devanning service
  • eCommerce Fulfilment
  • Storage facility
  • HM Customs ETSF (External Transit Shed Facility)
  • Home to our UK Oceanfreight Operation
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