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Over the past 28 years Horizon has built up a core network of its own offices across six countries.  These offices are strategically located to cater for significant flows of products from across the world and from the various key vertical sectors that we operate in.

Our footprint has grown organically and steadily, reflecting our consistent and continued expansion, as reflected in our company history.

Complementing this network, our sister company Sea Air Logistics (SAL) provides the mainstay of our China and Hong Kong operations. Having worked in the country for over 20 years, SAL is a key component of our development and service delivery as international freight forwarders.

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GLOBAL partner networks

Horizon has been a member of two global networks, Atlas and WCA, for over 10 years and we are now key players in both organisations.   We attend all annual and bi annual events and have strong working relationships with many fellow members.   These networks provide access to over 2,000 freight forwarding companies and other organisations across the globe, all of which demonstrate solid financial performances.   This critically enables Horizon to be a “Global Supply Chain Company that speaks your language”, working alongside experts in their own countries and regions.

Via these different levels of infrastructure, Horizon provides a truly global service to the wide range of customers across the various vertical markets that we serve. Our strength is to be able to offer global supply chain management solutions through the local expertise of organisations that know their markets in detail, having traded in those markets for many years.

As a truly global group of networks, WCA offers its members access to top-quality partners the world over, with 7000 member offices in 191 countries.   As international freight forwarders, no matter where you need to send a shipment, you’ll find the right agent and one you can rely on.

WCA audits each member and once membership is approved is able to offer a financial security structure.   This security structure permits all members to work together with peace of mind and complete financial security. You can be assured that your shipment will remain in safe and secure hands throughout its journey.

WCA Family members are recognized as the best in the business by other international freight forwarders, shippers and importers.

Atlas International Network Ltd is a group of independent forwarding companies, OTI / NVOCC’s and related service providers, working together under the same trade-name and logo.   Carefully screened and selected, Atlas members offer the flexibility and superior service levels that only locally owned companies can provide.

With the help and coverage of Atlas International Network, members can provide supply chain management solutions on a par with any multinationals in the transportation industry.

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