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As our customers adapt to their rapidly changing business environments, we are continuously developing new services to meet their demands and keep them at the vanguard of their respective industries.

Our wealth of solutions goes beyond merely holding stock – we provide a wide range of value-added services to enable your business:

  • Quality inspections
  • Hanging Garment services
  • Purchasing services
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Kitting
  • Labelling
  • Sub Assembly
  • Product repair and renovation
  • Customs Duty Management
  • Reverse Logistics


Kitting is when you combine multiple products into a single package that’s easy to pick, pack, and deliver, with its own SKU to help with your order metrics. The big benefit a robust 3PL warehouse offers is that it can help you create the new combination and related packaging, as well as create that new SKU for your systems.

When you have products that customers often buy together, why not try to increase overall sale prices by adding a pre-built combination that gives other customers an extra nudge. This is a crucial process that Horizon can support.


E-commerce is creating more global business opportunities for products of all shapes and sizes. This is great for expanding customers and revenue streams. Unfortunately, it can present a range of challenges in terms of understanding the complex trade requirements and legal compliance needs in each market.

Our supply chain experts can help you navigate this changing landscape, providing the tools and know-how to ensure operational compliance within any legal framework around the world

As New Market Entry Specialists, we can help with everything from risk-management to customs procedure, all whilst minimizing the cost of your supply chain to give you a competitive edge in your new marketplaces.

Horizon will help you with all your customs needs, which can streamline your entrance into a new market and ensure you keep costs low so you’re as competitive as possible.

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