full trailer delivery services
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Full Trailer Delivery Services

We provide clients with access to top quality full trailer delivery services at competitive prices throughout our network

Full Truck Load (FTL) means enough products (which can be bulk/liquid) to fill a Full Truck Load, or a dedicated truck is preferred for a partial load due to safety or security considerations.

Optimising truckloads to Full Truck Loads (FTLs) improves the utilisation of trucks and reduces transportation costs, the number of deliveries, the risk of damage and empty mileage (as a result of shipping less air in a trailer) and the impact on the environment through less CO2 emissions.

Horizon are able to provide clients with access to competitive, high quality full trailer delivery services throughout our network.   Working in tandem with tried-and-trusted haulage partners, we are able to identify the right service at the right price to meet your needs.

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