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Returns Management (RMAs)

Horizon receives and processes returns quickly, enabling you to refund customers and re-stock products faster.

Consumers return billions of dollars’ worth of products every year. Fortunately for retailers, 92% of shoppers say that they’ll buy from a business again if the returns process is easy. Horizon’s returns management service ensures complete end-customer satisfaction.

We first eliminate returns that should never happen – due to incorrect or damaged items – through our accurate order fulfilment service. We then make it easy for customers to initiate and track returns online. Finally, we receive and process returns quickly, enabling you to refund customers and re-stock products fast.

Your shoppers get a seamless and friendly customer experience. You reduce the time and money spent on returns handling and customer service – and get new insights into the reasons for returns. Here we explain how our returns management service works.


returns management

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23% of eCommerce returns are due to incorrect items being shipped. A further 20% are due to products being damaged in transit.

At Horizon, we eliminate these returns through our accurate pick & pack process. Through a combination of checks and double-checks, supported by RF scanning, the right person gets the right items +99% of the time.

In addition, our highly trained team ensure that every order is packaged carefully and appropriately, reducing returns due to damages.



With our returns management service, you retain full control of the process. You can specify standard return postage, drop-off or timed courier options. You can choose what happens to returned items – do we inspect and re-stock them, quarantine or forward them to you?

Every order we send has a unique reference or serial number and barcode. This means we can quickly identify returns that require personalised treatment.

We take care of returns handling quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to.


Fulfilment HUb, Aylesford UK

  • Located in proximity to UK’s three major ocean ports, Felixstowe, London Gateway & Southampton.
  • 76,000 square feet / + 6,000 pallet bays
  • Small pick bays
  • Cross-dock faciliity
  • Ocean Container Devanning service
  • eFulfilment
  • Storage facility
  • HM Customs ETSF (External Transit Shed Facility)
  • Home to our UK Oceanfreight Operation
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