Coronavirus Further Update

Today is the first official working day in many parts of China since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic and the extended Chinese New Year holiday.

Local authorities have advised companies and staff to obtain permission from their local Chinese Governments before resuming work. After this is granted there will be a number of mandatory conditions, including the provision of protective wear and products for all staff and the preparation of isolation rooms (for each person) for staff members who spent Chinese New Year in other cities.

Isolated staff members must work in isolation for 14 days to prevent a potential outbreak.   If an infection is detected in the company, all staff members will be quarantined and the cost of the isolation and diagnostics will be charged to the company.

Many manufacturing businesses and ports and airports across China have started work today, on a somewhat restricted basis, whilst others still remain under extended closures as part of the precaution of spreading the virus further.

The extended delay continues to have a direct impact on supply chains as most local authorities in mainland China approach to limit the spread of the virus is by quarantining people and those who have travelled from another province.

Customers are therefore advised to keep in very close contact with their suppliers for up to date information on expected delays and revised schedules as it seems it will be sometime before many Chinese organisations resume normal working practices and operating hours.

Our own teams throughout China will continue working from home at least throughout this week, talking to factories, ports and airports to feedback information in the coming days.

We will, of course, keep you updated on the situation in China over the coming days.

If you should have any questions, please contact your local Horizon office or send an enquiry via our website.