Further to our recent notification, a countrywide shut down has been confirmed in China, which is likely to extend through to at least 9th February.  The outbreak is expected to have a significant impact on worldwide supply chains, forcing many companies to make hard decisions based on limited information. We would strongly advise our customers to be in close and constant communication with their suppliers with regards to the situation as it does appear to vary by region across Mainland China.

The local authorities advised this morning  “Hong Kong will close more of its border crossings from midnight – leaving just the airport, Shenzhen Bay, and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge open – with the government saying the move will protect the city from a wider outbreak of the mainland’s new coronavirus”.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has insisted that the borders cannot be sealed completely, as many are demanding, because of a “genuine and legitimate” need for a lot of Hong Kong people to travel to and from the mainland.

The busy crossings connected to the MTR at Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau are among those closing, and no ferries at all will be running between the SAR and the mainland or Macau.

At a press briefing on Monday afternoon, Lam said earlier steps to close several border crossings, halt the express rail and Guangzhou train services, and reduce the number of flights to the mainland, had already slashed the number of inbound travellers

At this stage it is hard to anticipate what impact this may have on the movement of freight into Hong Kong from the Mainland.   In tandem with our local Hong Kong and China offices, Horizon will continue to monitor this situation closely.

As you will know many airlines has suspended flights into mainland China. Presently this incorporates

Air Bridge.
Still operating flights to/from Beijing/Hong Kong/Shanghai. Flights to/from other destinations including Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities have been cancelled.

Air Canada
All Shanghai and Beijing flights through Feb. 29 

Air France;
All flights to China, excluding Hong Kong, until further notice 

Air Indonesia
All flights between China and Indonesia until further notice 

Air Seoul
All flights to/from China until further notice 

American Airlines
All operations to/from China suspended until March 27 

Austrian Airlines
All flights between Austria and China through Feb. 9  

All flights to Guilin, Changshan and Haikou as of Feb. 1

British Airways
All flights between mainland China/Hong Kong and the United Kingdom through Feb. 23 

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon
All flights to Wuhan. Reducing remaining flights to China by half until further notice. Offering refunds until the end of February. 

Flights to/from Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Xiamen and Hong Kong. All flights to Luxembourg from JFK through Feb. 6. 

China Airlines
No bookings accepted until Feb. 12

China Southern
All flights to Wuhan for one month 

Delta Airlines and Delta Cargo
All U.S.- China flights starting Feb. 6 through April 30.

Effective immediately and until further notice, Delta Cargo has embargoed all shipments with an origin or destination in China. Due to Delta Air Lines’ suspended flight schedule, new bookings will not be permitted, and shipments will no longer be accepted.

Egypt Air
All flights to China starting Feb. 1 until further notice 

El Al
All flights between Tel Aviv and Beijing until March 24 

Eva Air
Partial cancellations starting Feb. 2 until further notice 

All flights between Finland and Beijing/Nanjing until further notice 

Hong Kong Airlines
All flights between China and Hong Kong until March 

Iberia Airlines
All flights between Madrid and Shanghai starting Feb. 1 until further notice 

All flights between Chengdu/Hong Kong and Kolkata until further notice 

All flights to/from Hefei, Guiyang, Xuzhou and Singapore through March 

Kenya Airways
All flights between China and Kenya until further notice 

Korean Air
All flights to/from Wuhan until further notice 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Direct flights to/from Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xiamen. Starting Feb. 2 through Feb. 9, suspending direct flights to/from China. Weekly flights to/from Shanghai reduced from 11 to 7.

Lufthansa Group
All flights to/from China until Feb. 9 

Pakistan International Airlines
All flights to/from China until further notice post Feb. 2 review 

Operating with reduced capacity to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen until Feb 17. Not taking any bookings until Feb. 4. 

All flights between China and Copenhagen through Feb. 29 

Scoot Airlines
All flights to/from China 

Singapore Airlines
All flights to/from China cancelled until early March 

Swiss and Swiss World Cargo
All services to/from China effective until Feb. 9

Thai Smile Airways
All flights to/from China 

Turkish Airlines
All flights between Beijing/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Xian and Turkey through Feb. 9 

United Airlines
24 flights cancelled through the first week of February, mainly to Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Beginning Feb. 6, operations will be suspended between U.S. hub cities and Beijing/Chengdu/Shanghai until March 28. 

All flights to China; to resume Feb. 10

Ocean carrier Updates

In anticipation of the Lunar New Year holiday, carriers had previously scheduled dozens of blank sailings from mid-February until early March.   Schedules for March are expected next week. The delayed resumption of manufacturing in China resulting from the extended holiday may lead to additional blank sailings in March.

U.S. West Coast
Several ports are on standby to enact infectious disease protocols for cargo and crew arriving in the United States.

On Monday, Jan. 27, port officials in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle said they are waiting for further directives from state and federal authorities before they begin screening cargo.

Several ports, including Laos, closed their borders entirely this week. 

Many global businesses are taking their cues from WHO to support the containment measures, suspending business and product travel to and from mainland China. The outbreak is testing the entire global economy system by placing an unexpected and additional strain on a soon to come boom in demand. 

We will continue to monitor the situation working closely with our Sister company and partners and update you periodically on major changes.

If you should have any questions, please contact your local Horizon office or send an enquiry via our website.