Brand Launch

Horizon International Brand Launch

28 years into our journey we have decided it’s time for us to freshen up our brand, through making some small but important changes in our brand launch. The legal name of the business remains the same. However, you will see that the “Cargo” element of the name will become less visible in our branding and marketing activities.

The reasons behind the decision is to better reflect the widening scope of services we provide, the market places in which we increasingly operate, the long term strategy of the business as well as the ever changing needs of our customers.

Whilst Freight Forwarding remains the mainstay of our activities and revenues, the other elements (Logistics and Supply Chain) are growing fast and these have not been reflected as well as they need to be within our current website and branding.

The new website and brand went live today, Monday 8th July and there will be a lot of activity on social media to advertise the brand launch.

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