New Horizons Open With Our Warehousing Solutions

Our locations throughout Europe, the US and Far East are all supported by state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), providing complete control of your inventory and sales orders. Our core services include long-term storage, inventory management, cross docking, emergency parts distribution and transit warehousing.

Horizons newest location operates a multi-functional warehousing solution, strategically located close to the M20 motorway in Aylesford, Kent.
The 78,000 sq. ft. warehouse serves both as a fulfilment and storage facility – as well as an ocean freight terminal for international cargo.  This enables us to receive goods directly from ocean port uncleared, store and manage inventory – and process and despatch sales orders directly to end customers.

From Creation to Customer
The warehouse is a customs approved ETSF (External Transit Shed Facility), meaning that imported goods can be held uncleared -duty/tax free for up to 90 days.

Many fulfilment companies offer services from the point that stock is received at their warehouse through to processing orders and final mile delivery, but you are left to manage the complex and costly process of international shipping, customs compliance and delivery to the local fulfilment hub.

‘A complete end-to-end warehousing solution’


Horizon is unique in providing you with a complete end-to-end warehousing solution and logistics solution, managing the entire supply chain “from creation to customer” handling your products from your overseas suppliers door to your customers hands, worldwide.

Horizon offers a range of core fulfilment services

  • Storage & Inventory Management
  • eCommerce
  • Parts Logistics
  • Value Added Services
  • Distribution
  • Systems Solutions
  • Amazon FBA
  • Container Devanning
  • Pick & Pack
  • Returns Management

View our online video ‘Horizon Warehousing Solutions Made Easy’ here

Let Horizon deliver your eCommerce sales by handling every step from factory to consumer, while you focus on growing your business. If you should wish to discuss your needs with one of our experts contact us