hi-tech and consumer electronics
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high tech & consumer electronics

For businesses in the high tech & consumer electronics industries, constant innovations and disruptions can bring complications, as well as opportunities.   When you resolve those complications and act on the opportunities — through being first to market, product customization and intelligently managing inventory — you can please consumers and earn their loyalty. An expertly managed supply chain can help you reach these goals.

Horizon has significant experience and reputation in the high tech & consumer electronics sector, having serviced some of the world’s leading brands for nearly 30 years both locally and globally.

Our supply chain management solutions to cater for new product release and seasonal sales peaks, while precise packaging specifications are critical to optimising transport costs and container utilisation.

Inventory management and cost reduction are also key drivers that need to be considered and acted upon in this very competitive high tech & consumer electronics marketplace.  Horizon therefore works closely with customers to identify ways of reducing stock holdings and improving cash flow.   We implement and adapt our IT systems for specific requirements and through comprehensive transportation forecasting will initiate reliable and predictable shipping schedules to ensure totally effective supply chain planning.

Services incorporated within this sector

  • Inventory Management
  • Just in Time delivery scheduling
  • Shipment monitoring and tracking
  • Movement scheduling and pre-planning
  • Testing and repair service