Logistics at the speed of light!

Logistics at the speed of light!  Surely a claim that can’t be substantiated, but that is what Horizon can not only claim but also offer!

Obviously we’re not talking about transporting you goods from A to B in the blink of an eye, that transporter technology is still science fiction rather than science fact. What we are elaborating to is the continued expansion of our global fibre optic network.

Logistics at the speed of light

May sees two more Horizon offices making the switch from copper cable to fibre optics, allowing our global operation to be more productive and able to support your needs more efficiently than ever before. Our office in Nitra is the first to migrate, going live today, closely followed by our Amsterdam office (on schedule for next week).

June will see Chicago join the fibre revolution whilst Miami doubles its fibre optic bandwidth. By the end of June only two Horizon offices will be without fibre, one of which is our new office in Manchester.

By investing heavily in our network infrastructure we have seen network uptime figures of over 99%, ensuring our operations are always ready to process your goods.