New Horizon For Managing Supply Chains

Horizon International Cargo is increasing its emphasis on assisting clients to create reliable, secure and cost effective end-to-end supply chain solutions. This means a close consultation with clients across their business at all levels to ensure that every aspect of their supply operation from point of manufacture to end user delivery is designed with precision to meet the strategic objectives of their individual business. Our tailored solutions aim to give clients strong control over their supply chain through increased visibility, fast and accurate reporting and consistent high level support. By providing end-to-end process support services that address each step of the supply chain, Horizon helps its customers reduce cost, improve service levels, gain greater visibility, cut waste, increase accuracy and agility.

Horizon’s global network of offices and logistics partnerships provides the framework for efficiently and cost-effectively managing every stage of an intermodal supply chain. We are well-known for our flexibility and capabilities in designing customer focused logistics solutions and our in-depth knowledge of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, retail, publishing and the automotive industry demonstrates how we evolve specialist expertise to meet specific market demands.

We are also delighted to announce the appointment of an experienced Supply Chain Development Manager, working at Horizon International Cargo head office, who will build on our company’s strong commitment to providing comprehensive national, cross-border and global supply chain solutions for clients in every sector.Tony Leach

Horizon’s client-led focus and strong attention to every detail in designing and managing effective supply chains is shared by our new and highly experienced Supply Chain Development Manager Tony Leach. He explains that, since joining Horizon International Cargo in December 2012, he has been active in delivering new logistics products to market, creating efficient and robust, yet flexible supply chains for both new and existing customers.

Built on the back of a review of the end-to-end supply chain, Horizon’s solutions are aligned to the client’s business model and to delivering tangible measurable benefits. We are committed to making a major contribution to the overall success of our clients, ensuring their supply chains are more efficient and competitive while driving better customer service across their organisations,” he said.

His expertise in this has been proved time and time again. For example, he recently helped to rationalise the supply chain for a leading international publisher of medical and drug reference tools and textbooks. Working in close partnership with the customer, the time taken for shipments to arrive from printers in China to distribution centres in the UK and Australia was cut dramatically. By creating efficiencies and greater visibility throughout the supply chain, a cost reduction of $400,000 was made in year one together with improvements in the consistent scheduling and reliability of shipments.

The consultative approach with clients at board and senior management level is the key to building successful supply chain management. Horizon believes that this is the best way to generate fine-tuned tailored solutions, based on strict quality control and client KPIs, incorporating the flexibility to adjust for maximum cost effectiveness and speed to market. Our solutions are enhanced by the capabilities, contacts and expertise we can bring to bear across our global network and Tony Leach is well qualified to make maximum use of these resources.

Having worked in the IT industry for several years across a number of industry sectors he entered the logistics industry in 2003, firstly as EMEA IT manager and then moving to head up supply chain management for two major third party logistics providers, implementing logistics models for global corporations. Working in North & South America, Asia Pacific and across Europe has given him a broad understanding of cultural and organisational differences, essential knowledge for creating effective international supply chains and for formulating consistently successful business strategies tailored to customer needs.