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Retail & FMCG

Retail & FMCG in large volume and intricate supply chains where forecasting and planning can be complex, cost control, flexibility of service and visibility are critical to ensure availability of products in store – on time every time!

Our Retail  & FMCG specialists can help ease your logistics headaches

As a leading transport company, our physical distribution and logistics solutions are designed to meet these crucial demands in a particularly high competitive market place. Horizon seeks every opportunity to bring added value to customers’ supply chains. We bring together a portfolio of cost-effective and flexible single sourced solutions that span the globe, including Express Freight and Time Critical Movements. Our supply chain management solutions will support every Retail and FMCG project from beginning to end, from international logistics, systems solutions and distribution through to the final demands of in-store and eCommerce fulfillment and logistics.

Within a retail and FMCG supply chain, visibility is essential and through our enterprise system, hiCloud, Horizon International provides milestone-driven solutions to enable customers to manage the purchase order status and progression, in-transit visibility and inventory.   HiCloud’s functionality enables these elements to be viewed and managed in a generic format through all stages. Transparency and traceability is assured at every level.

hiCloud facilitates tracking and inventory management by Purchase Order, Unique Supplier Code, Model or Serial Number.   KPI reporting and exception reporting tools are also incorporated into the hiCloud system to enable our customers to concentrate on the key issues within their supply chain.

Reducing cost is also essential and Horizon International supports customers through initiatives such as Consolidation at origin (Vendor Management), bundling deliveries from different suppliers to a single customer, optimisation of containers, minimising LCL shipments and providing status reports. These are all key elements in the Retail and FMCG services we provide.

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