Automotive Specialists


Horizon International’s Rotterdam team recently managed a large project on behalf of an automotive OEM.

A large consignment of excavating vehicle engines were moved from a customer in Jordan for inspection and maintenance checks by a Dutch specialist company.

Horizon International managed the entire logistics process; handling the oceanfreight importation from Jordan, through to delivery to the Dutch maintenance company.

Following 8 weeks of maintenance, Horizon then arranged retrieval of the engines for return to Jordan.   This involved specialist loading.   Horizon sent a team to the loading point, who built wooden bases to ensure that the valuable engines were protected in transit – and all parts were secured by strong lashings.   The entire re-loading process was completed within 2 hours.

The engines, loaded in a series of oceanfreight containers was then returned under Horizon’s care back to the client in Jordan.

This project serves to demonstrate Horizon’s ability to provide value-added services, thereby differentiating us from most general freight forwarding companies.

A great job by Paul Velraeds (Branch Manager) and his team!