Shipping a Crane from Spain

The Ocean Freight Manager of our Barcelona office dropped by a little while ago to tell us about an unusual shipment which they handled in March.  We had to await the OK from the customer to release the story, but you can read a little summary below.

“On March 19 we received a desperate request from a new customer: they had to ship a crane, two trucks and a low deck trailer to Montevideo (Uruguay) under a single premise: the units should be in Montevideo by the end of April to start work on a new project; if not, customer was going to be highly penalized.

We immediately went to work looking at options from all points.

The client told us that he had suffered previous bad experiences: the first shipment was detained pending transshipment at the port of Rotterdam for more than 60 days, the second suffered a 90-day waiting at the port of Panama for the same cause.

Our first reaction was to locate a direct service from the Mediterranean, but major part of ro-ro services from this area to South America have been canceled since the start of the global crisis because of decrease of sales. We started looking for a direct option from an Atlantic port from Northern and Southern Europe.

Finally, we found the service. CSAV provides direct monthly service from the port of Vigo, north of the Iberian Peninsula, with excellent transit time of only 15 days.

After requesting permission from the Port Authority of Vigo, the exporter moved the units from their own premises to the port, crossing the peninsula on a journey of almost 3 days and over 1200 kms. The units were accepted at the port and shipped on last April 16th without difficulty, to be delivered in accordance with the Schedule set out in Montevideo, as the customer initially requested with success to our team”.