supply chain management
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At Horizon International, we believe that true progress begins with a deep understanding of our customers.

With decades of industry-specific experience and a comprehensive operational toolkit at our disposal,
we design solutions that help businesses tackle their supply chain management challenges and consequently thrive.

Our method is simple – we offer unmatched expertise, exceptional resources and flexibility of service. As a result creating a true win-win environment and a partnership that yields long-term benefits for all.

This transparent, process-driven approach allows us to become an integrated part of any organisation; a seamless extension that allows you to lower your costs, increase supply chain visibility, focus on your core activities and ultimately, find peace of mind.

With greater insight, heightened visibility and coupled with hiCloud at your fingertips, you can stay one step ahead of your supply chain.  Furthermore, Horizon International clients have even seen six-figure savings through identifying opportunities for cost reduction and implementing operational improvements.

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