vendor management


Horizon International’s supply chain capabilities extend to a full and robust vendor management service.

From the point a purchase order is placed with an overseas vendor, Horizon International will act as your eyes and ears at origin – liaising with your vendor and keeping you updated of progress throughout the  production phase.

To ensure a smooth-running supply chain, it is pivotal that your origin vendors perform.

Through our global network, we are able to provide local support to your vendors, which helps to ensure their needs and processes are considered and catered for, fostering good relations and promoting a healthy supply chain.

Horizon can act as your “eyes and ears” on the ground, managing communication with your vendors and checking status of orders, whilst still in production.

Supported by our enterprise supply chain system, hicloud Supply, purchase order data is captured directly from your ERP at SKU and quantity level.   Immediately, a “critical path” is applied, enabling you to accurately forecast final delivery dates at destination.   This includes the projected “ex-works” date – when you should expect the order to be completed and made available by your vendor.

In the event that the ex-works date changes or the order is incomplete, we will alert you immediately, enabling you to take appropriate action or prepare contingencies.

vendor management

vendor scorecards & ELIMINATING BOTTLE NECKS

Bottlenecks occur everywhere in manufacturing companies; they happen in production, distribution, fulfilment and other functions within a supply chain.

What is needed is visibility into the supply chain to determine where bottlenecks occur. Gaining visibility requires capturing data from end to end; from the supply chain and inventory management all the way through to the completion of the manufacturing process.

Accessing the right information to make smart decisions in the supply chain is one main reason why the demand for big data has grown so much — and so rapidly. Big data can offer valuable insights into all kinds of patterns and processes. KPI Analysis such as vendor on-time performance, order completion, order accuracy are key measures in helping you to identify where bottlenecks are occuring and what action you need to take.

Supported by hiCloud Supply, Horizon is able to provide you with key data in the shape of a series of vendor scorecards.  This helps clients to present clear, accurate factual KPI information to vendors, rather than simply refer to anecdotal, easily-disputed feedback.

Such scorecards have helped many of our clients to identify non-performing vendors and remove them from their supplier list or to negotiate more favourable terms.

vendor management

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