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Horizon International’s supply chain capabilities extend to a full and robust vendor and  purchase order management service.

From the point a purchase order is placed with an overseas vendor, Horizon International will act as your eyes and ears at origin – liaising with your vendor and keeping you updated of progress throughout the  production phase.

Supported by our enterprise supply chain system, hicloud Supply, purchase order data is captured directly from your ERP at SKU and quantity level.   Immediately, a “critical path” is applied, enabling you to accurately forecast final delivery dates at destination.

Throughout transit, hiCloud is updated to reflect any deviations to the original schedule.   This advance warning system enables you to accurately plan production schedules in advance and keep your end-customers updated.




purchase order management

Benefits of Horizon International’s Purchase Order Management Services –

  • Enables you to accurately monitor vendor performance.
  • Clear visibility of supply chain “pinch-points” and where improvements need to be made.
  • Simplify forecasting & inventory management
  • Supports a JIT/JIS supply chain
  • Shave days off of total cycle time
  • Hold less inventory
  • Reduce landed costs
  • Easily manage your supply chain by exception
  • End reliance on third-party vendors to report on their own performance
  • Complete web visibility of inventory “in transit”.
  • Improve profit margins and achieve an accelerated time-to-market





To support your global sourcing needs, Horizon has developed hiCloud, an enterprise supply chain system with full API and systems connection capabilities.

The hiCloud PO Management module centralises orders, making it easy to receive and view all supplier orders at product level.

The system will organise orders from multiple ERP systems into one easy-to-read view and has many access and management control functionalities inbuilt.

Fully customisable and designed for flexibility, hiCloud allows you to choose your features, including a scorecard that grades suppliers for on-time deliveries, non-conforming material and more.

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