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Technology enables companies to create a more efficient operation and the ability to offer better service to customers.   An online portal, for example, makes data more accessible which lowers operating costs.   The customer, in turn benefits from having access to more accurate information — 24/7 with less need for support. When tracking information can be shared electronically it cuts down on phonecalls and emails for status updates, ETA’s or POD’s.

A paperless environment saves time and money, too.   Documentation such as Bills of Lading or customs documentation can be digitized which cuts down on paperwork and makes it more accessible. Digital documents are also more accurate when they can be created by pulling data from a system and are not rekeyed manually.

Technology can also enable quicker quoting for customers — again improving service where it really matters.

Horizon International have embraced technology and offer a comprehensive range of services, solutions and capabilities, all of which are designed to increase our own internal efficiency and most importantly to benefit our clients.


hiCloud is our dynamic single systems solution, a best-in-class online platform to meet your every need across the freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain arenas.

hiCloud stitches all our systems together and re-presents the data in a consistent and easily-digestible form, for quick analysis and review.

Our software developers have worked closely with our logistics experts to create a multi-functional tool, one that simplifies data flow and gives you the reporting power to streamline your supply chain.

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