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freight operations system REVIEW

BoxTop serves as our freight operations system, through which shipments are managed globally by our teams.   All of our global offices use BoxTop, which provides seamless connectivity and visibility between locations.

BoxTop Technologies is an innovative leader in the provision of freight management and supply chain software, providing technical solutions designed specifically for international freight forwarders and logistics providers.


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The freight forwarding industry is becoming ever more complicated, with heightened security procedures, constant changes to Customs regimes, increasing pressures from competitors and ever-changing business landscape.. BoxTop have developed an extensive yet very straightforward job booking facility covering Air, Sea, Road, Rail and Courier modes of transport for all types of movement.

From identifying potential problem jobs to ensuring each job is invoiced, the BoxTop freight operations system provides us with the tools to effectively manage our daily operational processes.

BoxTop links directly to our enterprise supply chain system, hiCloud – ensuring a smooth flow of updated shipment status information is readily available for our clients to access.

General Features

  • Job Progress screen enables us to take control, prioritise tasks and minimise errors
  • Address Relationship Management feature helps users select the correct addresses quickly
  • Email any document created in BoxTop as a portable document format (PDF)
  • Provides tracking information so you can keep up to date with consignment progress, from collection through to final delivery
  • Automatically converts quotations into jobs, saving time and increasing accuracy
  • Warehouse details automatically link to jobs so data is only ever input once
  • Quickly create templates for repeat consignments
  • Ranking screen enables us to easily analyse a range of consignment data including number of jobs, weight, TEU statistics, origins and destinations
  • Logical Rate Management feature allows us to store and retrieve rates for use in the preparation of quoting and job costing
  • Vessel Manager screen groups all consignments on same vessel so multiple updates can be made once, adjusting arrival times, ports and shipping line rates of exchange
  • Milestone Management ensures that key events in the life of the job aren’t missed.
  • Over 48,000 pre-installed cities and ports linked to UNLocodes (United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations)


  • Create, view and email Arrival Notices, Clearance Instructions and Release Instructions
  • Create a Collection Transport manifest for a job with multiple containers
  • Import Break Bulk facility enables us to quickly create consolidated shipments.
  • Automatically produces Duty & tax invoices


  • Prints plain-paper neutral and house air waybills, barcode labels and manifests, all IATA/CASS approved
  • Designed to cope with complicated “letter of credit” consignments, allowing more data to be added than any other system and enables us to preview all drafts before final printing
  • Sends electronic air waybill information (FWB, FHL, FZB, EDI messages) to airlines and in return receive automatic updates on consignment status, e.g. flown as booked, delays or offloads
  • Simple, easy to navigate screens to produce all types of bills of lading – inland, master, house, liner, etc., also booking requests, standard shipping notes, booking confirmation, shipping instructions, dock receipts, certificates of shipment, etc.
  • Ability to arrange multiple pickups on any job and automatically notify your warehouse in advance
  • Effortlessly creates plain paper CMR forms, manifests and loading lists


  • Simple job booking screen allows for rapid job processing
  • Stores tariffs for fast, accurate job costing and invoicing
  • Effortlessly creates courier dockets (plain paper and pre-printed), labels, manifests and run sheets
  • Allows customers to create their own jobs online, they can save their shipper and consignee addresses for their regular, repeat shipments.
  • Receive email notifications when bookings are made online
  • Convert bookings into jobs with the press of a button
  • Provide tracking links for your customers to track their shipment directly
  • Create consolidated invoices providing summary totals and detailed job breakdown