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Minimise risk, improve forecasting, reduce costs and increase visibility to create a supply chain that works for you.
Welcome to hiCloud.

Bringing together a process-driven approach with an effective operational toolkit are essential to achieving tangible results. That’s why we tailor our supply chain services to your business, helping you to implement best practice and increase efficiency throughout.

hiCloud technology is our dynamic single systems solution, a best-in-class online platform to meet your every need across the freight forwarding, logistics, supply chain and Ecommerce warehouse fulfilment. Working closely with our logistics experts, our software developers have created this multi-functional tool to simplify data flow and provide you with the reporting power to streamline your supply chain.

hiCloud ( our warehouse fulfilment software) can integrate directly with your ERP or eCommerce web cart, transmitting orders straight to our warehouse fulfilment centre within minutes of payment.

Simplicity, functionality, connectivity and accessibility have been the drivers in hiCloud’s design. The system operates across all platforms and devices to add flexibility to the user’s experience, whether in the office or on the move.

hiCloud Your Supply Chain at Your Fingertips

Imagine a world where you had total control and visibility over your products and supply chain partners

hiCloud makes that world a possibility – reducing cost, inventory and improving speed to market.
The management data it generates helps you drive your business growth.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have complete control from Purchase Order placement to delivery?

hiCloud technology enables the supply chain to link suppliers, production and distribution together under a common demand forecast.
Cloud-based electronic data links between supply partners allows for better coordination and collaboration giving you
end-to-end visibility.

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