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hiCloud STORE

HiCloud Store is an eCommerce Warehouse Management Software. With HiCloud you can easily control & organise your warehouse inventory and eCommerce inventory management.

Whether it’s a view of inventory in motion, simply what’s on-hand and inbound, or a fully functional warehouse management system, hiCloud store has the capabilities to effectively manage your warehouse and global distribution requirements to ensure order and product fulfilment.

It handles inventory, orders, picking, packing, shipping and returns in one cloud-based system. It easily integrates with a range of eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping carriers, 3PLs, point of sale (POS) systems, accounting software and more: Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Amazon FBA, DHL, UPS and others.

Being Amazon and Shopify partners we provide value added services in the UK & European distribution on an omnichannel fulfilment platform.

hiCloud Store integrates quickly and easily with most eCommerce platforms and ERP systems.   Whether the customer’s order comes via Amazon, eBay, your own online shop or through listing managers such as Channel Advisor; they are all automatically processed in our multi-channel e-fulfilment centre.

hiCloud Store’s central dashboard allows customers to view each part number, description, stock levels and movements in real-time through the web portal. The design provides single-window visibility over your warehouse network, detailing stock movements and inventory levels worldwide with global fulfilment.

Remote picking requests, as well as detailed reporting functions, add to the flexibility and simplicity of the system.   As with all hiCloud modules, multi-level access features are embedded to provide for wide visibility within the customer’s organisation while maintaining security at all times.

With hiCloud Store, smart inventory management is easy. It’s a quick and efficient solution for eCommerce growing businesses looking for efficiencies.

  • No more logging into multiple platforms
  • Take control of your inventory
  • Distribute your products on a multichannel level efficiently
  • Real-time visibility
  • Integration into third platforms and data sync
  • Manage orders, inventory, fulfilment, shipping and returns for all of them in one place.
  • Pick & pack services

Transform Receiving, Picking, Packing, Shipping, and Reverse Logistics with our eCommerce Warehouse Management System HiCloud.