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hiCloud Ship

Manage Freight, Minimise Inventory and Expediting through Real-Time Inbound Visibility with hiCloud Ship.

From around the globe, hiCloud Ship provides real-time tracking of your product from the time it leaves the supplier to the moment it reaches your door.

hiCloud is a new way of tracking international shipments with a focus on events-based updates and graphic display of shipments status, allowing users to view and direct more in less time.

A key feature is documentation capture in that all documents (whomever generated by) in relation to a shipment can be stored. This also includes customs and other regulatory documents, not just those generated by the shipper, consignee or agent.

Additionally the hicloud ship system can bring visibility across the customer’s organisation or partners and suppliers.   It allows users to have different levels of access so that visibility can be on a global or local basis.   This can be triggered from shipment pre alert or from inventory allocation in a warehouse

As with other modules in the hiCloud suite, full management reporting and exception reporting functions are inbuilt to make the system as user-friendly as possible.

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