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hiCloud SUpply

The hiCloud Supply module links all our systems together. The module is designed to offer a full supply chain system solution from purchase order submission to final delivery, wherever in the world we provide global and international ecommerce fulfilment.

The key benefit to hiCloud is to provide complete end-to-end visibility at all key stages within the supply chain. This visibility extends to SKU and Quantity level. This is supported by exceptions reporting through dashboards for speed and ease of use, aided by comprehensive reporting tools and our high-tech software.

hiCloud also offers full data integration across multiple platforms, delivering total visibility of inventory in motion and the ability to allocate it to the most appropriate channel and in the most cost-effective way. Our ecommerce order fulfilment service providers ensure a top-quality service by our specialist agents.

In today’s world of commerce, speed to market is an ever-increasing competitive advantage. hiCloud Supply links the entire supply chain so that you have visibility throughout that process, enabling you to manage a complex, multi-channel supply chain with complete confidence.

Imagine an environment where you had total control and visibility over your products and supply chain partners. hiCloud makes that world possible.

Key functionality includes

  • PO Management
  • Visibility at SKU & Quantity level
  • Exception Reporting
  • Milestone Management
  • Management Reporting
  • Vendor Measurement
  • Customised KPI reporting
  • Data Integration

hicloud supply

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Designed to help you make your supply chain as efficient as possible, Horizon’s experts analyse your current logistics operations, understand your goals, and recommends solutions that can help achieve them.

Get a detailed diagnosis of your supply chain including:

  • An understanding of your strategic priorities through consultative interviews
  • Identifying bottlenecks in your supply chain
  • Creating a supply chain map to consider optimisation opportunities
  • A benchmarking of your key performance indicators against industry peers and best-in-class companies
  • Data and process reviews focusing on the symptoms identified by the benchmarking report.


Based on the diagnosis, our team of experts propose possible scenarios & prioritise the most practical solutions. An implementation roadmap is then drawn out including those solutions most suited to help you meet your business objectives.


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