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A Holistic Approach to Supply Chain Efficiency


Horizon International’s Vice President, Supply Chain Development – Richard Perriman was recently interviewed by Rachel Sellers, Principal Supply Chain Consultant of Industry Forum, for their monthly newsletter.

Industry Forum helps major global manufacturers understand, optimise and improve both manufacturing capability and business performance. Over 250 organisations in 30 countries trust Industry Forum to deliver and maintain sustainable improvement.

The article outlines how companies can achieve significant advantages within their supply chains through abandoning the traditional RFQ / “eggs for eggs” spreadsheet exercise and embracing a more holistic approach.

Changing the approach to logistics and distribution management can unleash huge benefits to your organisation – and move you from achieving “penny pinching” meagre year-on-year savings to realising significant wins.

How Can Our Supply Chain Services Help You?

Horizon’s Supply Chain services are specifically designed to help and support companies implement best practice across both their supply chain and logistics platforms.   Our view is that good process leads to real results and Horizon’s solutions combine a process-driven approach with operational resources that deliver, so you can free up cashflow, save money, focus on core business activities and importantly, have peace of mind.

supply chain

Our philosophy is to become an integrated part of your business.   We do this through transparency, understanding and detailed implementation. This is supported by constant reassessment and implementing improvements where needed.

Too many importing or exporting companies still perceive their transportation suppliers through a tactical or transactional lens.   They may review their relationships either on a scheduled “benchmarking”/ RFQ basis or when service levels falter.   Any resulting savings or benefits achieved through such a “like-for-like” approach will be minimal and processes will remain static.   Whereas strategic partnerships have the potential to unlock significant savings and achieve a range of benefits.

Exploiting a strategic partnership with a global supply chain management company that offers comprehensive services and holistic solutions, produces benefits that go far beyond transactional savings.   With greater insight, companies become proactive and stay one step ahead of the supply chain.   An integrated logistics program gives the company greater competence in uncovering opportunities for cost reductions and streamlining.   Thus, adopting a strategic relationship with a global partner can generate continued savings for years to come.

supply chain

Over recent years, Horizon International have supported clients to realise year-on-year six figure savings through exploring and identifying opportunities within their supply chain.   Such savings simply cannot be achieved through a simple transactional RFQ approach.

Our aim is simple, to make working with us as easy and flexible as possible and to create a meaningful and true win-win environment yielding long terms benefits for all.

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