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A More Dynamic Supply Chain is Possible With hiCloud

How much opportunity is there for your company to develop a more dynamic supply chain?

There may be more opportunity than you think!

Goods to market are increasingly made in another other part of the world, the trend for Horizon customers is still to manufacture and source from Asia. This increase in global sourcing changes the logistics equation. When goods are imported, considerations such as speed to market and inventory costs get more complicated. Leveraging value from a truly global marketplace can bring considerable rewards but only if the end-to-end supply chain is robust and agile enough to cope.

Companies sourcing from multiple vendors in Asia can rely on the eyes and ears of the Horizon vendor liaison teams to manage and synchronize orders and delivery schedules. Knowing suppliers are being supported by proven and trusted local contacts at origin alleviates much of the stress of sourcing and allows clients to focus on their core business.

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The Horizon hiCloud system enables the Supply chain to link suppliers, production, and distribution together under a common demand forecast. Internet-enabled electronic links between supply chain partners that allows better coordination and collaboration among the various supply chain segments.

‘Gain more control and lower your costs’

With hiCloud, you can have the critical order, item, and vendor fulfillment information you need at SKU level before your order is scheduled to ship. By attaining information earlier in the production process, you’ll gain more control and lower your costs whilst managing supplier performance. Using proven critical paths, your purchase orders, and our high-tech hiCloud system, we monitor critical data and events, then communicate any exceptions from plan online or by automated email when you need it.

hicloud system

The hiCloud system provides monitoring and performance throughout the supply chain even providing proactive alerts if there are unexpected delays in the shipment. Shipments can be tracked through each milestone within the Freight process, giving you the highest level of visibility, improved customer service and more control over resource allocation and forecasting for inbound goods.

Horizon understands every business is unique, not just in the way its supply chain is managed, but also its objectives and strategy. Our approach initially is consultative; we take the time to understand your business vision, analyse your current activity at a micro level, and plot a sequence of start to finish through your supply chain. For us, every step along the supply chain should be targeted towards a single goal. End-user satisfaction.

‘End-to-end solution’

As supply chains become increasingly more complex, global performance visibility is vital to ensuring a well-functioning supply chain. Horizon has worked with a number of clients implementing the hiCloud end-to-end solution to give our customers total visibility across all legs of the supply chain, drive a higher return on their investment and to help them drive out cost, increase efficiencies and improve customer service.

hiCloud is a modular system that can be tailored to your needs so whether you’re looking for ways to improve cash-2-cash cycle, cut costs, improve customer service and strengthen the balance sheet, we can help you achieve your goals and more!

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