Broaden Your Horizon and Increase Visibility with hiCloud

Horizon International clients are benefiting from greater business intelligence and real-time visibility increasing efficiencies and driving down cost with hiCloud technology.


hiCloud, an enterprise supply chain system allowing for total collaboration and visibility across the supply chain. Through data cloud, the global, flow of goods and trade supporting information is managed from order point through manufacture to final delivery.

‘Operational resources that deliver’

Horizon’s Supply Chain services are specifically designed to help and support companies implement best practice across both supply chain and logistics platforms. Good process leads to real results and Horizon’s solutions combine a process-driven approach with operational resources that deliver.

Underpinning the solutions is the hiCloud enterprise supply chain system. hiCloud is built using smart, flexible modules that can be bolted together in different combinations resulting in a truly flexible solution. Simplicity, functionality, connectivity and accessibility have been the drivers in the system’s development and design. The system operates across all platforms and mobile devices to add flexibility to the user’s experience whether in the office or on the move.

‘Have total control and visibility over your products and supply chain’

Imagine a dashboard interface that allows you to have total control and visibility over your products and supply chain partners. hicloud makes that world a reality. hicloud is all about achieving end-to-end visibility throughout the extended supply chain and translating top level logistics strategy into operational best practice. The transparency in the supply allows for greater control and flexibility to deliver goods globally in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The Horizon International hiCloud Modules:

hicloud supplyHiCloud Supply
The module is designed to offer a full supply chain system solution from purchase order submission, through to final delivery, wherever in the world.

hicloud shipHiCloud Ship
From around the globe, hiCloud Ship provides real-time tracking of your product from the time it leaves the supplier to the moment it reaches your door.

hicloudHiCloud Log-in
Log in to access live purchase order status information.

hicloud storeHiCloud Store
hiCloud store has the capabilities to effectively manage your warehouse and global distribution requirements, integrating quickly and easily with most webcarts and ERP systems.

hicloud spareHiCloud Spare
The hicloud spare module, designed for forward stock holding of emergency spare parts, enables customers to identify the most appropriate and local stock allocation and pick remotely, generating an immediate order, 24/7/365.

hicloudHiCloud Tracking
Track your shipments via the online portal

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