Customer Service – At the heart of our solutions

In 1991 Horizon International Cargo was formed by three directors with one goal in-mind, to offer a supply chain and logistics solution tailor made to customers’ needs. This passion to serve customers, as well as solve their problems, allowed Horizon to gain, and keep customers from various vertical sectors from global corporations to sole traders, with niche requirements.

Time has moved on, and whilst many of the staff has changed, the ethos and belief in service as a solution has continued as the core driving force behind Horizon’s way of working.

UK Managing Director Mark Talbot comments

“We continue to see a clear divergence in the International arena where there are those organisations with a global business modal, focused on volume and throughput. The opposing business model is more locally focused and more service orientated be that through geographically or through a product or niche specialisation. We firmly believe Horizon’s continued focus on the customer’s needs, our continued investment in our capabilities, having the right team members all working towards the same goal and a clear strategy will produce the winning formula. From the very beginning we have spent considerable time focusing the on the customer’s needs and more recently building and aligning our own network as well as enhancing our global partners relationships. Importantly we are yielding the benefits of this focus despite the challenging economic situations we all presently face. “

Over the years Horizon have been asked to devise and deliver solutions for a variety of projects and business critical solutions for customers. From oversized cargo and project solutions, to time critical deliveries and SLA monitored services.

service-300x192One such manufacturing customer required 24/7, 365 day cover for distributing spare parts to allow their customer to stay in business.  To further the complications, the customer’s locations covered 5 countries and all parts had to be delivered within 6 hours of the request being submitted.  30 months on and Horizon continue to operate far within the SLA between the manufacturer and their customer, ensuring service is at the heart of the solution.

Our UK Ocean Freight General Manager, Innes Clark,  sums up our ethos with one saying,
Customer service is a state of mind, not a department