From Creation to Customer

Many e-fulfilment companies offer services from the point that stock is received at their warehouse through to processing orders and final mile delivery but you are left to manage the complex and costly process of international shipping, customs compliance, and delivery to the local fulfilment hub.

Creation to Customer

Horizon is unique in providing you with a complete end-to-end logistics solution, managing the entire supply chain “from creation to customer” handling your products from your overseas suppliers door to your customers hands, worldwide.


Horizon can manage your entire supply chain – removing unnecessary “cogs in the machine”; reducing your cost and increasing speed to market.

Our e-fulfilment software “hiCloud Shop” integrates quickly and easily.

Creation to Customer

Whether the customer’s order comes via Amazon, eBay, your own online shop or through listing managers such as Channel Advisor; they are all automatically processed in our multi-channel 67,000 sq. ft. e-fulfilment centre, based in  Aylesford, Kent UK.

Creation to Customer

  1. Horizon will manage your entire supply chain from overseas factory door through to final mile delivery, removing unnecessary links and associated costs.
  2. Horizon’s costing structure is transparent, simple to understand and competitive, with no “nasty hidden surprises”
  3. Horizon’s systems can integrate directly with your ERP or webcart, transmitting orders straight to our warehouse within minutes of payment being received.
  4. Your inbound overseas stock orders will be transferred immediately upon arrival at UK Port or Airport to our warehouse and put away into stock.
  5. Horizon’s systems provide you with “live” visibility of your inventory, sales orders and, very importantly – your returns.
  6. Need to withdraw some sample stock? No problem! Simply call your Account Manager and they will arrange to deliver directly to you –
  7. Horizon can provide tailored services – including using your own branded packaging, adding marketing inserts to orders and applying personalised, finishing touches and much more.
  8. Our e-Fulfilment solutions, powered by leading edge technology, connects the fulfilment, delivery and returns process directly to your web cart.

Talk to Horizon today and let us help you to bring your product to  market – from Creation to Customer.


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