Horizon International Featured in The Financial Times

The esteemed UK national newspaper, The Financial Times, recently published an article about the impact of Brexit on UK companies – and their supply chain strategies.

They sought views from industry experts, such as Horizon’s Group Commercial Director, Paul Williams.


In the Financial Times article, Paul explained that despite only opening our new 80,000 sq. ft. Aylesford UK warehouse in July, it was already at capacity – due to UK companies stockpiling inventory in preparation for the potential impact of Brexit.


financial times


Whilst the effects of Brexit are impossible to predict, Horizon International play an active role with TechUK, the UK’s industry body representing the tech sector with the UK government.   As details of changes to the UK’s trading position with the EU emerge and the impact on border processes become clearer, Horizon will be guiding their clients to ensure that their businesses are best prepared.